• Welcome to Belle Air Elementary School!

    Belle Air Elementary School serves a vibrant, linguistically and culturally diverse community in the San Bruno Park School District in San Bruno, California.

    Teaching and Learning: Belle Air students are smart and enthusiastic learners. We provide our students with rigorous 21st century curricula and the tools and requisite skills to be successful in their educational journey. They are prepared to eventually complete A-G requirements to be eligible to attend college and embark on a successful career.

    Socio-emotional Learning: Belle Air promotes a safe, nurturing school environment in which students are taught to resolve differences peacefully. Belle Air is a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) school, and has established systems of socio-emotional support for students that include explicit behavioral expectations and reinforcement of positive social behavior.

    Supplementary Programs: We have a resource specialist teacher, part-time speech teacher to provide services for students with special needs. For students who have reading difficulties or need a boost there is an intervention teacher. There is an after-school program on-site that includes homework help, a computer lab, enrichment activities, and structured outdoor games. There are two parttime counselors to provide counseling both individually and in small groups.

    Partnerships: Belle Air is engaged with their families and the greater community. Our parents are involved in their children’s education, and we have developed relationships with the City of San Bruno, San Francisco Airport and local universities..

    Preschool Program on Campus: There is a thriving preschool program on campus that serves more than 100 students from ages 3-5. They incorporate hands-on activities, cultural experiences, kindergarten readiness and play to build a strong foundation for our children’s future.

    Up to Date Technology: All classroom teachers have up to date technology with a document camera and LCD projector. In upper grades there is a 1:1 ratio of student to Chrome Book computer, and in primary grades there is a 3:1 ratio of student to iPad. Online supplemental programs for Kindergarten through Fifth grade include ST Math by Mind Research Institute, Kids A-Z for language arts (formerly Razz Kids) and Rosetta Stone for students new to the United States.

    Finally, Belle Air prepares all students to be lifelong learners and respectful, responsible and contributing members of their community and the larger society. You are more than welcome to visit Belle Air Elementary and see for yourself our smart students, exceptional staff and the abundant learning happening in every classroom.