Student Registration

  • Welcome to our webpage section dealing with "Student Registration."  We are happy to be given the opportunity to provide your children with opportunities for learning and success.

    In order to register a child for school you need to have his/her birth certificate and current immunization (shot) record and 2 proofs of your San Bruno residency.  You can find your neighborhood school by going to the link for Student attendance boundaries and finding your home's address and the corresponding school for attendance.

    During the year when school offices are open you can bring your child's information and the school office manager will provide registration information to you.  During July and early August, please bring your information to the district office (500 Acacia Avenue) and our staff will provide the necessary information to you.

    If you are interested in transferring your child out of your neighborhood school, please review the information link on the right of this page as well as the Board Policy regarding transfers under “Governance”. Transfer forms may be downloaded from the “District Forms” section of our webpage, by clicking on the links below, or by clicking on the appropriate form to the right of this section under “Registration Forms”.

    If you are interested in attending another school in San Bruno, instead of your neighborhood school, you must apply for an IntraDistrict Transfer. This is submitted after you have registered your child at your neighborhood school, but no later than May 1 to be included in the lottery for the following school year. Transfers will be considered based upon adopted district policy and providing there is space available at the site you are requesting.

    If you are interested in attending a school outside of the San Bruno Park School District you must request an InterDistrict Transfer. Your request will be considered based upon adopted by district policy, must be renewed annually, and is subject to the approval of the district you are requesting. Transfer requests to leave the District are accepted between January 15 and April 30 for the subsequent school year.

    Both the IntraDistrict and InterDistrict Transfer applications can be downloaded from our "District forms" section of our webpage or the links above. We sincerely value the opportunity to educate your child and look forward to showing you how successful we can help your child be. These applications must be submitted prior to May 1.

    If you are interested in transferring into the San Bruno Park School District from another district, you must first submit a transfer request to your home district for approval. Your transfer request to enter the San Bruno Park School District from another district will be considered based upon adopted district policy and providing there is space available. San Bruno Park accepts approved incoming InterDistrict Transfer Requests as follows: renewals between March 1 and March 31; new requests between April 1 and April 30.