Dear Portola Families,

Welcome back! I am so excited to be back at Portola for my 4th year! I wanted to share some quick updates regarding the opening of school. I understand that you may be hesitant sending your child back with the variant and spikes in COVID cases. Please know that I share your hesitation and will do everything in my power to keep all of our beloved children safe; I will need your help!

We will be practicing the same COVID prevention policies and procedures that we followed in the spring, including daily student QR code health check-in, drop off and pick up CURBSIDE at staggered times, mandatory masks for all on-campus both indoor and out, outdoor distanced snack and lunch, regular hand washing, and strict cleaning protocols. Additional details will be forthcoming. Our district guidelines for reopening school have been updated to reflect the most recent county regulations and are attached for your reference.

Facilitron Survey/QR Code will be used again; new copies will be forthcoming.

ALL families MUST complete the survey BEFORE arriving at school. Please make sure to use your CHILD's NAME to fill out the form. I will be running a report to make sure we have compliance. Remember, the survey is for tracking in order to provide a safe campus. New codes will be provided.

There are some corrections to the attached information packet--students will NOT be lining up at classroom doors for the month of August. Students will line up on the blacktop as we did in the spring; Kinder and 1st will be dropped off by the outdoor learning area. Details will be sent out next week. Also, class assignments will be emailed on 8/25.

Please help your child with the return to school transition by making sure that he/she can put a mask on unassisted (assume it will be removed for water and eating) and can leave it on for the entire day. Other suggestions for readying your child for school include:

1. Move bedtimes and wake-up times now so your child has already adjusted by next week.

2. Get your child excited! Please label personal items with student's name and consider getting a reusable water bottle so that they can refill throughout the day (water fountains will not be available).

3. If able, do a drive-by/walk by of the school and review the route that you will be taking for arrival and pick up. Parents will be required to drop/pick up students curbside, with Kinder parents dropping off at the Outdoor Learning space; there will be signs posted.

Due to the staffing shortage throughout the District, I am looking for a few strong people who can move picnic tables from the back of the building to the playground. Skip the gym and head over to Portola for an hour or two!! There is also a need to move some classroom furniture. Send me an email if you are available in the next few days!

A BIG SHOUT OUT to our new MOT Director, Zeke, who made our playground and parking lot a priority! It is beautiful and I'm sure our Pandas are going to love our new look! Thank you to Superintendent Espinoza for approving the funds to improve our school, along with our new gutters!


Dr. Krotz