Portrait of the Graduate

As the District moves forward with educational transformation work it is important that we are clear with the community about educational programming and instructional design. To that end, in 2019, the District commissioned a diverse committee effort funded by a grant from Google to develop SBPSD’s Portrait of a Graduate to identify what skill sets students should have to accomplish success in high school and beyond. This work is building on the District’s student achievement goals which are: to pursue academic excellence, develop essential life skills and demonstrate responsibility to the community and world.

The end product of the committee’s work was completion of the Portrait and a logo design to convey the outcomes for student success that the District’s strategic planning will support – that students become Compassionate, Collaborative, Critical Thinkers, Contributors, Creative and Innovative, and Communicators. Participating with parents, staff and administrators on the committee were representatives from San Mateo Union High School District, Google/YouTube, Walmart, Emgen and Kaiser Permanente. A poster of the Logo is displayed in every District classroom.

At the May 23, 2019 school board meeting, Superintendent Stella Kemp shared a presentation on the Portrait of at the Graduate. Click the button below to view the presentation!

Portrait of a Graduate: six key characteristics