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Regional Award to San Bruno's Music Education Strategic Initiative Partnership


May 1, 2019. San Bruno, CA.   The Music Education Strategic Initiative, a community partnership that began with $495,000 in grant funding from San Bruno Community Foundation to support music in San Bruno Park School District and at Capuchino High School, was honored at a dinner celebration on April 30th as the winner of the Partners in Educational Excellence Award by the Association of California School Administrators (ACSA) Region 5. The honor is significant in that Region 5 includes schools and districts from throughout San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.


Pictured are: Dr. Stella Kemp, Superintendent and Kevin Martinez, Board President, San Bruno Park School District; Dr. Kevin Skelly, Superintendent San Mateo Union High School District; Don Smith, Principal Parkside Intermediate; Judy Puccini, Vice President Capuchino Alumni Association; Dr. Bryan Vander Lugt, Vice President San Bruno Education Foundation; and Patricia Bohm, Board of Directors San Bruno Community Foundation. In attendance but not pictured Jessie Boise, Principal Capuchino High School.


San Bruno Park School District was also announced as a finalist at the State ACSA level for the partnership which includes San Bruno Community Foundation, San Bruno Education Foundation, San Bruno Park School District, Capuchino High School and San Mateo Union High School District.


The San Bruno community is a true partner with San Bruno public schools in recognizing the importance of music education, not as a privilege for children, but as a necessary part of a child’s development to reach their full potential. The partnership supports the vision that San Bruno public schools provide equitable access to music education for all children through a continuum of superior music opportunities – from elementary through high school – that inspire, build self-confidence, and develop life skills in students, with the San Bruno community sharing in the value, pride and appreciation of their contributions. All K-5th graders in San Bruno Park School District now receive music education funded by the grant, which also helps support music at Parkside Intermediate and Capuchino High School.



Dr. Stella M. Kemp