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Teacher Appreciation Message from Dr. Kamberg

Dear San Bruno Teachers and Parents 

This week, during Teacher Appreciation week, we recognize the incredible contributions and impact that our teachers make for our students in San Bruno.  In an effort to recognize the necessary shifts that teachers are making to support distance learning, we realized that our teachers need the most up to date digital tools to support online teaching.  Our San Bruno Community Foundation (SBCF) agreed to support this request with a generous grant of $240,000 to the San Bruno Education Foundation (SBEF) for the purpose of funding new laptop computers for every TK-8th grade teacher in the District.  This award affirms the dedication that teachers have placed in the effort that teachers have made to create engaging learning environments for our students.

In response to the COVID-19 impact on education in San Bruno, the action was taken by SBCF to ensure that our teachers have up-to-date digital tools necessary to adapt to online teaching methods in this new era of distance learning. In recent weeks, the Foundation also joined with the City, service clubs and San Bruno Police Officers Association to fund access to the internet for low income students. Google is funding $60,000 to provide professional development for teachers to assist them with distance teaching and devices for low income students.

In addition to the grant to benefit teachers, SBCF also awarded $250,000 in various grants to help the San Bruno business community. I’ve been in San Bruno less than a year, but understood immediately why San Bruno is called “the City with a heart”. 

Sharon Kamberg, Ed.D.



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