The San Bruno Park School District (SBPSD) educates and empowers all students to thrive academically, socially and emotionally and be contributing members of society. The District strives to engage and inspire our students to be productive critical thinkers who embrace diversity, curiosity, and innovation throughout their lives.

Maintaining Our Commitment to Education

The State of California only provides enough money for a basic education and providing a quality education starts in the classroom. Of the 23 school districts in San Mateo, San Bruno Park is the only elementary school district that does not have a dedicated source of local funding for our schools. 

Parcel Tax Rates San Mateo County

Establishing a Local Funding Source for San Bruno Park School District

To ensure SBPSD schools can provide a strong education to all students, the Governing Board is considering establishing a parcel tax for $68 for 8 years. If approved by voters, funding from this measure could be used to:

  • Provide quality programs in science, technology, engineering and math

  • Attract and retain qualified teachers

  • Keep textbooks and instructional materials up-to-date

Fiscal Accountability and Local Control Required

  • All funds would be controlled locally for SBPSD schools only and could not be taken away by the State

  • No funds would be used to pay for administrators’ salaries

  • Independent citizens’ oversight and mandatory annual audits would be required

  • Senior citizen homeowners would be eligible for an exemption from the cost