Welcome to the section of the San Bruno Park School District website that deals with “Governance.” We appreciate your visit.

“Governance” or decision making system of the District is done by the elected five (5) members of the Governing Board. The “Board” normally meets once a month on the second Wednesday. These meetings are accessible to the public in “Open” Session which begins at 7:00 PM. Most meetings take place at the district office, located at 500 Acacia Avenue in San Bruno. The monthly meetings for September, December, March, and June are held at Parkside Middle School (1801 Niles Ave.) and are televised meetings to the community through the cooperation of San Bruno Cable TV, the City of San Bruno, and the school district.

You can access past adopted meeting minutes of our School Board by accessing the link found in this section. If you would like to know what is going to be considered at the next meeting, access the “Board agenda” link to see the published agenda.

Contact information for each Board member is included in this section.